Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mighty Lighty

After comparing our lists for most important features in the new place Paul and I found light being top priority for both of us. Having gone from twenty five foot ceilings to some I can touch on tippy toes, lighting has been a challenge. In a small, short place, every bulb has to work hard. Lower placement, paint with high luminosity, and as many reflective surfaces nearby seems to be where we are finding balance.

Livingroom has a long way to go before we are truly living in it.

The flex light. So fun from
We had our heart set on this for somewhere in the house.
It's a kit by Logan Hendrickson, taking off on the
classic Potence style design. Pretty affordable in comparison.
I found this on Remodilista. Might be too eensy.
From my peeps in Scandinavia. Found here.
They know about making the most of the little light they have.
Wonderful reflections with only direct light. Found on Stylefiles.

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