Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Giving Away Art

I've got an upcoming show at Crowell's Gallery in New Bedford and I thought I'd celebrate with a little give away. I'm also interested in growing my list of followers on this blog. So here's the deal, my goal is to triple you guys by my show opening, September 16. Send three followers my way and I'll send you, via mail, a little piece of original, signed art. The medium is watercolor crayon, pencil, paint, graphite pencil and chalkboard paint. The size is 5" x5" and will fit in this cute little stitched envelope. This is a limited offer, just till September 15. The show, which formally gets announced next week, is about looking closely at the vivipary around us. Isn't that a great word? Now go look that word up and some friends who might like this kind of thing.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mr. Stripey and Juicy Love

It's almost time for Mr. Stripey and Juicy Love, Black Krim, Cherokee Chocolate, and Julia Child. A basketful of Homer Fike's Yellow Oxheart with a few a Believe It or Nots thrown in. A plate of sliced Crazys, some Glory of Modova with one or two Marianna's Peace. But make sure you leave room for one of my favorites, the Mortgage Lifter.
Photos of Walker's Stand in Tiverton, Rhode Island by Paul Clancy

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8.10.10 Color Swatch

Pantone Swatch No.185
dear Summer has really got 
the green thing down.

but she get's a little fatigued 
by the new midori bugs, 
tender blades, blair,
acid flair and myrtle glades
with peridot twinkles.

so when august 
steams onto my emerald lawn,
satisfied Summer lets out a
celadon sigh and squeezes 
all of her verdent vim
into the happy fat fruit of 
the tomato plant.

just in time for my saturated,
grass stained painter's
peepers to say yes, yes, 
yes to red.
-Alyn Carlson