Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Duck Named Teal

Apparently the color is named after a duck. The common teal, a duck who's eyes are rimmed with the color, would love my basement right now. As you've heard on the news, New England is a float. My basement at midnight last night had 14 inches as we began to set up the sump pump we'd scrambled for all day. The waterfall down the street, with the 15 foot drop, doesn't fall. It's one gigantic river. I'm skimping on the posts this week but find more of the beloved color squares of Josef Albers very soothing this am. Little windows of it's going to be ok. Some tea and teal will get me up and going again.  
"Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature." - Josef Albers

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3.10.10 Color Swatch

P A N T O N E   N o.  320
Teal, Teal, Yeal 
you are the girl 
everyone wants to 
talk to at the party. 
Sophisticated but earthy, 
you enter the room
knowing a little secret 
about each and 
every one of us. 
But it's ok, 
we know you won't tell. 
Gawd your laugh 
drives us all crazy, 
deep and a tiny bit wicked. 
How do you dance so well 
in those 3 inch heels? 
You sassy peacock party girl. 
Somehow you pull off
the push and pull of 
hot and cold 
so seamlessly.

Image by Josef Albers