Friday, January 14, 2011

Sabbath Day Sans Technology

I've been experiencing a piggy high with some new technology. A new Kindle for Christmas, iphone, ipad, and I hate to, but I have to buy a new computer. So I'm researching all my options for that fat purchase. Understand I don't embrace technology quickly. It makes my brain itch to try and master it, in any way. But because "mastering" just got a whole lot easier for me, I've gone way too deep into screen time. And I miss my peeps. And walks. And baking a pie. And playing with paper. And watching pigment dissolve in water I spread on paper. And how about silence? So I'm making Sabbath day, actually that. Rest from the screens. Ernie Schenck wrote a great article in Communication Arts magazine on how technology is effecting our creativity. Really recommend you check it out, here. So this week, I looked at the beautiful emptiness of white so it makes perfect sense for those screens to go black this Sunday. Want to try it? Let me know how you make out.
The lovely image is from Kristy Hall's photostream on flickr here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Community Print Shop Opening

Ever dream of learning how to make your own letterpress business cards? Or create a series of silk screened posters Paul Rand would give the thumbs up to? Oooo, oooo I know, wallpaper for your bedroom that will make you wake up smiling? If you're lucky to live near Providence now you can, at the incredibly well appointed and affordable AS220 community print shop. Morgan Calderini, a RISD grad, balloonist and Vista volunteer, is the resourceful, talented and tenacious artist that conceived and brought the shop to fruition.  Morgan and her team of tireless volunteers, have been working their tales off and tonight is the grand opening party in AS220's newly renovated Mercantile building from 6-8. For details on classes, schedules and what you'll see tonight go to their site here.

Images are from the top, Morgan Calderini, some of the print shop members, a recent installation of Morgan's and a sample of letterpress designed By Arley-Rose Torsone printed at the print shop. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fifty Five Second Mile in the Snow

I was able to feed the girls this morning during the eye of the storm. Marilyn, my white Langshan is molting this week and there was a fresh crop of white feathers to greet me when I opened the door. Film by Paul from our studio.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Color Swatch

Image from Rebecca Tabor Armstrong found here.
You were in the beginning.
The word, the big bang, the goddess.
But do you bloom on the 
side of the mountain if there is no witness?
Are dogs the only creatures that hear your voice?
It does frighten me that you don't emit pheromones.
But some how I am attracted to you.
I wasn't at first.
You pissed me off.
You didn't have anything to say.
So not in touch with your emotions.
You were such a snob at the gallery opening.
Not one word to me.
Then I watched you work the room.
Cinabar Green Deep came out of his shell.
Naples and Mars Yellow each had epiphanies.
Permanent Yellow Green finally cooled his engines.
Mauve actually let her hair down.
And it was so cute to see tiny dab of Cerulean get chatty with you.
I apologize. I took your silence for judgement.
We're in this together, aren't we?
I can choose the open or closed door.
So now as I sit here, close my eyes,
there you are with all the possibilities.
-Alyn Carlson

Monday, January 10, 2011

Poem for Monday

-Pablo Neruda
Poetry is white:
it comes from the water covered with drops,
it wrinkles and piles up,
the skin of this planet must be stretched,
the sea of its whiteness must be ironed,
and the hands move and move,
the holy surfaces are smoothed out,
and that is how things are made:
hands make the world each day,
fire becomes one with steel,
linen, canvas, and cotton arrive
from the combat of the laundries,
and out of light a dove is born:
chastity returns from the foam.

-translation by Stephen Mitchell
The images can be found on the incredibly talented Ann Wood's flickr page. Her work and studio are a wonderful indication of how she navigates the laundry Neruda speaks of. Her blog and store are here.