Friday, January 14, 2011

Sabbath Day Sans Technology

I've been experiencing a piggy high with some new technology. A new Kindle for Christmas, iphone, ipad, and I hate to, but I have to buy a new computer. So I'm researching all my options for that fat purchase. Understand I don't embrace technology quickly. It makes my brain itch to try and master it, in any way. But because "mastering" just got a whole lot easier for me, I've gone way too deep into screen time. And I miss my peeps. And walks. And baking a pie. And playing with paper. And watching pigment dissolve in water I spread on paper. And how about silence? So I'm making Sabbath day, actually that. Rest from the screens. Ernie Schenck wrote a great article in Communication Arts magazine on how technology is effecting our creativity. Really recommend you check it out, here. So this week, I looked at the beautiful emptiness of white so it makes perfect sense for those screens to go black this Sunday. Want to try it? Let me know how you make out.
The lovely image is from Kristy Hall's photostream on flickr here.

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