Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Color Swatch

Image from Rebecca Tabor Armstrong found here.
You were in the beginning.
The word, the big bang, the goddess.
But do you bloom on the 
side of the mountain if there is no witness?
Are dogs the only creatures that hear your voice?
It does frighten me that you don't emit pheromones.
But some how I am attracted to you.
I wasn't at first.
You pissed me off.
You didn't have anything to say.
So not in touch with your emotions.
You were such a snob at the gallery opening.
Not one word to me.
Then I watched you work the room.
Cinabar Green Deep came out of his shell.
Naples and Mars Yellow each had epiphanies.
Permanent Yellow Green finally cooled his engines.
Mauve actually let her hair down.
And it was so cute to see tiny dab of Cerulean get chatty with you.
I apologize. I took your silence for judgement.
We're in this together, aren't we?
I can choose the open or closed door.
So now as I sit here, close my eyes,
there you are with all the possibilities.
-Alyn Carlson


  1. Thanks beyond stuck. Yes, I try and have little conversations with colors on a regular basis. There are a few of them on past postings. I call them Tuesday's Color Swatch.