Friday, May 24, 2013

Not so mild tile

My collection of green pots on the mantle
16 OnCenter built for me at the church.
Roseberry Winn Pottery
and Tile wall of linen and butter.
Oh yeah, there were a few tears shed over leaving my beautiful Roseberry Winn tiled wall at the church. Mike and Bruce helped me design it, pressed and fired each piece, and oversaw the installation. I never tired of it's buttery color and how it looked with the mantle made by 16 OnCenter. I do see a few potential spots perfect for tile in the farmhouse. And Mike tells me he has plans in the near future for some tile design expansion, so hopefully, a collaboration will happen again. Here are some inspiring tile beauties I came across today on Remodilista.

From Exquisite Surfaces

Via Remodilista

From Purpura

From Made A Mano

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Bling

Photo by Sadie Dayton
Twice a year I get to design a catalogue for Swarovski's Touchstone Crystal and I get a little seasonally mixed up. I do the Fall book in Spring, and Spring in Fall so I am always seasonally challenged. I'm in the last month of creating Fall/Winter '13 and I should be excited about seafoam green, but I'm actually already giggling about Tory Burch's Klimt inspired, turquoise and burgundy line for Fall. But back to Seafoam green, which only comes around about 2-3 times a century; the model shots for the new spring/summer book were taken over two very cold days last November but thanks to an amazing team, with Sadie Dayton shooting and Joji Goto styling we found some sunshine.  Add in piles of bling with product photos by Ira Garber, the incredible retouching of Suzanne Dunkl, and styling by jewelry designer Troy Hines, the sparkle happened.

Photo by Sadie Dayton

Photo by Sadie Dayton

Photo by Ira Garber