Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pinterest Obsession

So my dear friend Sandy at Beehive Kitchenware happened to confess a month ago she was into this thing called "Pinterest" An online way to keep track of visual inspirations with a community slant. She said this in a half whisper and a giggle. She couldn't stop. Always a good sign. It's actually turned into a nice way to share and clarify some ideas with clients and creative partners. There's now a button on my blog to get you there and see what I've been pinning. Don't say I didn't warn you. Here are a few recent pins from my color inspiration board-

geometric print by melanie mikecz found on etsy

lovely makes me moan a little color study by Courtney Price

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a little Red, some Blue and a lot of White

I love wearing it. Playing with it. Sitting in it. Lying in it. And for some reason the combination of a little red, some blue and mostly white makes me happy and an 8 year old again. Some recent finds that show variations on that color theme to lower the August temp for you. Yay! Off to my painting studio for a few hours. Talk soon.
Lovely etsy find from folieAdeuxVintage

I adore this sweet etsy find from BohemianBisoux who really 
knows how display and prop her treasures

Paddles handpainted with semaphore designs from Contact Voyaging
Dang wish i'd thought of that one.

If you can't afford the mattress from the Swedish company, Hastens
you could spring for this beautiful hammock they now produce.

I could definitely spend an August weekend with John and Juli Baker at their cabin. 
They are the owners of Mjolk in Toronto

And these Hubert Zimmermann's Ornabo Blocks for sophisticated play. 
They can be found (on sale) at fawn and forest