Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost Time for Braids

I've been longing for a lot of warm weather niceties lately. Eating most meals in the backyard, pedicures you can show off and braids. I'm a sucker for braids dangling below ears, twirled on top of the head... one long one down the back. I don't know, can I still pull of braids? I found these wonderful hairdo drawings by artist Lauren Levy. I'd love to see these blown up to a few feet across for a salon. To look at more of Lauren's work you can go to her flickr site here.
First photo is one of Paul's. I've never had the back of my head loved so much. The following are of Lauren's art.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Poem for Monday

No. 24
-Alyn Carlson
Collage using silkscreened paper, thread and ephemera.

No. 24
-Barbara Schweitzer
Long she had held the image in her head,
able to live shuttered and craven years
because she kept it fueled and safe unsaid,
held near, as far away as unshed tears.
Names written in unfamiliar hands, she
parsed and stored inside as if stolen gems
she might finger in the quiet of sleep,
the one room of dreams she kept clear for him.
While freed prisoners might tell of fierce relief
when cells open and air floats unbound,
for her a straight back chair, an assortment of fruit
became invitation enough for brazen hope
to reposition the earth and uproot
her,  graciously as socks turned inside out,
giving her back to what she was all about.

No. 24
-Pat Hegnauer
Little time to sit in a kitchen
full of canning, baking, and stewing,
teething baby bawling in her cot.
A cook’s heart must cultivate itself
when gardens want water and weeding.

Victuals are a woman’s overlord
demanding measured concentrations.
The table’s a meadow to be plowed,
planted and gathered three times daily
while tuckered men chew, drink, and smoke.

Art and poetry are from the Ekphrasis show now up at the Hera Gallery.
This show is a joint effort between the Hera and The Origami Poetry Project.
The OPP places free tiny books of poetry throughout RI. It's a wonderful
show where words and pictures come together.