Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Water World Print Give Away and Sale

Beebee Eau Monde No.1

It seems like it's time for those little babies to start arriving. The daffodil buds are teasing us, the first little peepers are starting to peep in the ponds and friends are becoming mamas and papas. My friend Hannah just announced the arrival of her little Tristan Skye. To celebrate Tristan and all the new beanies, I'm offering some of my Beebee Eau Monde watercolors as prints. Two paintings to choose from, in two sizes. Printed on acid free, mould-made Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, the prints come in 8" x 8" for $75. and 15"x15" for $125. Perfect gift for your new favorite wee one. Plan on a two week delivery time with your choice of shipping separate.
AND to make the arrival of green buds even sweeter, I'll give away an 8"x8" print to the person who brings me the most new blog followers by April 1. 

Beebee Eau Monde No.2

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