Friday, March 1, 2013

A Wee Dance For My Scottish Friend

We are about 2 weeks away from our big move out of the church and I thought I'd take a break to share some special news. 
I'm not sure how Scottish clothing designer Lois and I "virtually" met online. I think she found my paper hats and wrote a nice note about them on her blog, 13Threads.  I hired her to make me the loveliest whisper of a dress I wore at Brin and Alex's wedding. I'm the daughter of a seamstress and was taught the inside of a garment must look as good as the outside. Her craftsmanship is impeccable.
Her blog always surprises me with some quick little "Altoid" of style, that take me off in a new thoughtful direction. 
She's just been interviewed for Uppercase magazine about her blog and chose me to interview for the next issue. Ink on paper! Pretty exciting! If you don't know 13Threads or Uppercase take a break and check them both out. My next purchase from Lois? I've got a little crush on her exquisite turbans.


  1. Yes, I was awestruck the moment I saw you in your fetching hats!
    Really looking forward to seeing you in print. Alyn, many thanks x

    ...lots of luck with the move!

  2. Congratulations, this is exciting news! I can't wait to read your interview :D