Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pssssst... Trafford's is having a soft opening tonight

Yes, the much awaited (quiet) opening of Traffords happens tonight. Paul and I have been there the last few nights installing over thirty pieces of art and sampling some of the amazing food Trafford has dreamed up for the menu. It really is a spectacular place with three views of the water (upstairs and down), two bars, one on the waterside deck, lots of friendly zippy staff and of course the genius of the Kane family. Bill, Maggie, Trafford, Heather will take the lead with lots of help from part owner, Russ Gaudet and bar manager, Jeanne-Marie Manning. I'm always amazed at how talented the whole family is and all members pitch in. As his dad stained a bench, his uncle installed a bar tv, four year old William handed me a level just when I needed it last night. I promise lots of picks from Paul but if you want the real thing with a great sunset and an incredible bite or two, head over to 285 Water Street in Warren tonight.

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