Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seduce Me

For weeks prior, I always anticipate Valentines day with lots of romantic, sweet possibilities. Then all of a sudden it's here. Yikes do I have enough candy hearts to spell out exactly how much I love my sweetheart?  Maybe not completely, but what it really comes down to is stopping and looking at each other and acknowledging he or she still makes the knees wobble. I am a sap, the whole falling in love and chemical attraction thing fills me with wonder and actually cracks me up. How do we go toward one person and not the other? Guess it is a lot of science. Or smelling they tell us. I've become totally addicted to Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno on the Sundance Chanel. If you haven't seen the series, sit with your valentine and giggle through these little shorts on how animal's mate. But be prepared, even though the sets and costumes are fabulously kitchy, and have child's play quality, there are A LOT of penises. And some shocking facts about how animals and bugs make love. Isabella writes and performs and the talented Andy Byers created the sets, costumes and wrote the score. I am green with envy, I would have loved to have done all of it. To see the whole collection you can go here.

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