Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nature Contained in a Book

My friend, Roanne Robbins is a wonderful force of nature, with mother nature's sometimes overlooked lovelies. She can take the lowliest twigs, bit of moss, whisper of shard and make an arrangement that will stop you, draw you closer, and catch your breathe. Ro does it all very casually with a little yeah, whatever twinkle. I love walking around my yard or any little patch of green with her. The trickle of information and inspiring possibilities she shares is genius. And I very rarely throw the overused "G" word around. She's written a book with Sara Begg Townsend for Storey Press that guides you through 4 seasons of container gardening. Beautifully executed, with photos by John Gruen, the book gives practical information that is a starting point for your own creativity. I keep sneaking peeks inside to remind myself Spring will come again and there's still a lot of beauty to be found outside my frozen door step. For more Roanne inspiration go to her blog, Nature Contained here.

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