Thursday, January 7, 2010

Imperfect Present

I gave myself a nice gift this holiday. I got to sit and make pomanders any time I wanted with no guilt. Poking dried cloves into plump oranges was heaven. Then when I gave them to friends it was a gift all over again. Such a simple thing to connect me to my senses and bring joy to my peeps. These are so easy I just winged which is why the lovely imperfection of mold appears on one of mine. I'm going to make some with Levi this weekend, my 6 year old grandson. If you don't want the mold click here for real directions. Your fingertips will smell so nice for hours.


  1. oh wow, i used to make these with my granny but we used apples. the smell of clove is so nostagic for me...i'll definetly try making these again but using oranges :) yours look so beautiful!

  2. ever since i was a little kid, my mom & i make pomanders every holiday season... we love to see how creative we can get with the patterns. it's such a lovely memory and tradition. beautiful pictures.