Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Painting and Prints Shop on Etsy

I know I know, it's really coming in under the wire for Christmas shopping but you do what you can do. My motto around this time of year is, if I'm not finding joy in doing it, I don't do it. Opening my little Etsy art shop was pure joy. Intimidated for way too long, I found going through the body of work I've had professionally shot to get up on a site some day, was pure delight. I don't let myself step out of the process to judge in anyway while I'm painting because I start down that awful path of "will this painting be loved by anyone else?" I would, however love your feedback on the site, pricing, descriptions, etc. My little shipping elf tells me if we get an order in by the Dec. 17-18 you can most likely get it by Christmas Eve. 
Just a reminder I have two etsy sites. One for hats and one for art. For art you search for alyncarlsonart or just go here.

I love these three together on a blue or white or grey wall.

Blue Heart 1     12" x 12" ready for a simple frame

Blue Heart 2     12" x 12" ready for a simple frame
Blue Heart 3     12" x 12" ready for a simple frame

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