Tuesday, April 29, 2014

600 lbs. of fun design

Paul shot these and
unfortunately I ate most of them.
One of my favorite projects in the last few months was creating the new logo and packaging design for a great company, 600lb Gorilla Cookies. Frozen balls of pure love. Real cream, real butter, real chocolate chips make these easy to pull off as home made. They sell them at Walmart, Stop and Shop, BJ's and are so worth picking up. My grandson's first greeting to me when he walks in my front door is "Got cookies?" You can make friends with the gorilla in the apron here.

Granny apron on this big ol' gorilla makes me smile.

This is the first hand lettering I'd done 
for a client in a long time.
 I got a lot of encouragement from my friends 
Arley and Morgan at Ladyfingers Letterpress.

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