Monday, August 19, 2013

Huge Breathe Coming Through The Heart

I finally got back into the painting studio this past week after a few weeks dedicated to the sale of my work. It felt so good, like a gorgeous blue sigh. This is what I painted. I do love you blue. Each and every one of you blues. 
My friend Claudia came up with a brilliant description for this one-
"like a huge breathe coming through the heart"


  1. Stunning! Love the colours and beauty of your painting!

    1. Thanks Beverley. It means so much when someone is moved by my painting.

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  3. Hi Alyn I've just discovered your blog today via your beautiful work on Pinterest, I'm really enjoying reading your blog and am finding it really inspiring.i love the part of his post where you mention having a few weeks selling time and are now back in he studio. I'm struggling through the first part of a sabbatical at the moment but finding the lack of structure to pursue a new direction rather frustrating. I really like your idea of separate time for selling and for painting.... I'm going to implement that within my business, thank you, I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog

  4. This is exciting! Just found your blog and am glad I did. Beautiful and interesting. Great harmony, great edges. Feels like the cool summer nights we've been having.

  5. Thanks Jody. I love to hear from readers. Makes me more motivated to share.