Thursday, July 11, 2013

What Makes Me Paint Today

I find that observing rather than recording what I see works much better for me when I paint. What's on my daily observation list today? I get lost in the water in the shower, rain coming off the roof, puddling in the driveway, little gems on the spider web and the river a walk away, as it goes back and forth to the ocean. Here's some work that's come out of past observations. Some of this will be available as prints at my sale on July 20-21.


  1. Hello from Ohio. I have seen this type of watercolor and don't know if it has a title? how is it done? By the way, I found your wonderful art on Pinterst. I am so taken with your artistic eye and methods.

  2. Hi Michael from Ohio. Thanks so much. This is what I call abstract landscape with watercolor paints, crayons and pencil. I usually start with a swish of water on paper, drop paint drops in, move it around and see what happens. I let it dry and add more crayon line, paint and pencil. I use really good paper so I can do up 6 layers of this.