Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moonlight White Garden Dreams

One of my favorites, Moonflower.
Just planted some around our little barn door.
Photo courtesy of blogger jonesgarden
My dad, loves to garden and landscape. As a child, I spent many Saturdays planting trees, making terraces, and scavenging for special garden stones with him. He once told me it takes 5 years to make a yard your own. Having 30 years in my last yard, I knew every cup of soil in each bed. Each plant was my choice, give or take a few. This new place has a wonderful wild quality to it. But when I start to weed and yank and plant, it feels like an overwhelming jungle. I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the planning and dreaming part of the process. I've asked my friend Katherine Tracey at Avant Gardens to help me plan the perfect all white garden that will be beautiful in moonlight. Fragrance is important to me too. While I work on getting my jungled tamed, visiting her exquisite nursery in Dartmouth will get me through. All these plants can be found on her website here. If you are interested in white, pink, blue, yellow or whatever color, there's a search on her site to guide you. Remember they specialize in the rare and uncommon. You won't be finding what they sell at Home Depot.

One of the prettiest gardens I've ever enjoyed.
Paul and I shot it for Avant Gardens last summer.
Photos courtesy of Paul Clancy Photography

Just a few of the white beauties Katherine suggested 
for my dream garden. You can find all of these at Avant Gardens
From top left, Helleborus Joseph Leper, Nicotiana, 
Oakleaf Hydrangeas Snowflake, Oxalis White Pillow, 
Echinacea Milkshake,Asteromoea Mongolica, 
Helleborus Niger, and Stewartia

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