Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mad for Plaid

Just an itty bit is sometimes nice.
Found on Anthropologie
Just a bit, or a lot, of red plaid always gets me through the winter. A favorite memory, still clear for me, is my grandmother in her wool plaid Pendleton jacket raking in her fall garden.  Below are some of my recent favorite plaid finds, an ad I did in the 1980 something, a little sewing project I just completed and of course Ms. Viv the Queen of plaid. Has anyone seen a nice pair of red plaid clogs that need me?
Found on Etsy. Pia Barile has lots of lovely wrist warmers,
unfortunately these gems have sold.
Coat with a lot of fun detail from Omiru that can be purchased at Urban Outfitters
I have a few of these I store paper treasures in. Found on Etsy here.
A Pinterest find which is unfortunately untraceable
From a MAC Cosmetics ad
Love this. Origin unknown.
An ad I did for Gant in the mid '80s,
before Photoshop, using some very very old school methods.
This little collar was last weekend's easy sewing project. I am in love with the simple Japanese sewing books you can find more and more of. I got this pattern from Shape Shape by Natsuno Hiraiwa.
A heavenly symphony by Vivienne Westwood, an artist who knows how to work her plaid.
Here's a wonderful film interview of this revolutionist.

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