Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I get a little more Swedish around the holidays

My dad's family is Swedish and my mom's folks comes from Nairn, Scotland through Prince Edward Island. I love what they've passed on to me from both cultures but I do get particularly Swedish in the winter and around the holidays. Simple tree ornaments are a special love of mine and Swedes do it so well. Here are some sweet ones you can make, buy or just admire that seem influenced by Scandinavian design.

My special friends at Beehive Kitchenware have a
wonderful assortment of ornaments.

found on gwen elliot's flickr photo stream

lino prints by mangle print found on flickr

found on crafty juice via pinterest

Lovely crocheted ball found through calico&co

Sweet little dala horse found at
PoppetsByGill on etsy

kissadesign on etsy sells these
pretty paper polish stars

juleker knitted balls, pattern found at arne&carlos


  1. Love these. My best ornament memories are oriented around finger pinched, miniature teddy bears. Feel like sharing the how-to with the world : ) ? I'd love to make them with my girls. xo, Kirsten

  2. Going to buy the whole wheat flour today...