Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More and more spring please

It seems like it all comes in one afternoon. Spring. The tiny pinks, pops of yellow, itsy blues, sprays of acid greens. And the smells. Because the daffodils are on the early side, the yellow they trumpet is the smell of new spring air. There's a little meadow of daffodils (thousands and thousands) with young sapling trees and wood mulch paths open to the public for Daffodil month in Dartmouth MA. Bit of a secret and feels a little like a chapel when you go. People talk in hushed voices, walk slowly with reverence, rejoice it's finally here. It's Parsons Reserve and worth the drive, walk up a hill and through the woods. More info here. Thank you farmer Parsons.

Up close in Parsons field via flickr by Adam Salisbury

Painter Lulie Wallace found here

Centerpiece inspiration by Bridal Banter


  1. It is finally here.. :) Love the painting you found..

  2. Me too Hena. I love the balance between the warm and cool, organic and linear shapes. Nice representation of Spring, Lulie