Friday, October 21, 2011

New Pretties from Beehive Kitchenware

My friends at Beehive Kitchenware have been creating some lovely new things just in time for the holidays. I'm lucky to have Sandy and Jim as clients and friend/neighbors. My painting studio is just down the hall from their sweet little kitchen gadget factory. Gadget Factory is said with a smile because there isn't anything factory made about their heirloom kitchenware. All thoughtfully designed for aesthetics and function, these metal, wooden and now ceramic objects look beautiful on your table and feel great in your hands. If you're unfamiliar with the treasures they create or want to see the latest stop by their site here
I recently asked Sandy the questions I like to ask artists and here are her responses- 
Can you tell me about your latest body of work? For me, I designed a lot of work this season! I made a few little things that were just side projects, but seemed like good ideas, so we just made them instead of leaving them on the drawing board. The main collection were pieces in metal, ceramic, and wood, Not only was it very exciting to branch out into working with wood, I also love the warmth in brings to the collection as a whole. I designed and sculpted cheese knives and spreaders, coordinating cheese boards and coasters, as well as a honey pot and occasional plate. There is a lot of folk/nature imagery, as well as a serious nod to Charlie Harper. And for the first time, I included bee motifs into our line. I ended up falling in love with this bee pattern and had to hold myself back from using it everywhere.

What inspires you the most lately? Well, I guess I continue to be inspired by the idea of mixing traditional functional objects with contemporary design motifs. Also, I have always found it interesting that so many traditional patterns from all over the world, have so much in common. I like to reference folk motifs and try to have them look like they could be from both India and Sweden at the same time, for example. I usually gravitate towards nature imagery – birds, leaves, and trees just make me feel happy. It’s like as long as we have those things, the world can’t be that bad a place.

What was your first memory?  Walking with my mother and her telling me not to run, so I did of course and fell on the sidewalk. We went home to clean the gravel out of my hands, but my skin healed up so fast that I still have a tiny pebble in my palm.

Can you describe the best thing you saw on your last walk? The sun sparkling on the water. Think it’s the best thing every time.

What are five things that would happen in the perfect day of work for you? 1) Have a design break-through  2) See one of my a newly developed products for the first time and love it 3) Get a big check 4) Get a big order 5) Enjoy the community of artists in my work space.

Can you describe the best pair of shoes you've ever owned? Yes, I can. I would have to choose a pair of black Maraolo wing tips I bought in Florence, Italy in 1990. I bought a lot of shoes that year in Florence, but those were the best!

What are you doing this weekend? Teaching my Jewelry and Metals class at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and learning how to silk screen at the AS220 print shop!

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