Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shoebox Dreams

Very often when someone learns I live in a church, they get this sweet smitten expression, sigh and dreamily say "I have always wanted to live in a church, no really I have. It's been a life long dream". It's funny to be on the flip side of someone's dream... the grass is always greener part. The OMG heating part, the raked floor part, the ancient unholy septic system part,  and of course the part when the odd visitor stops by to see if Jesus is home. I am so blessed to have this place for the wonderful parties, projects possibilities and a place my grandson literally roller skates around the dining room table and no one notices. But what do I dream about right now? I find my mind keeps wandering to tiny places. Little shoe box houses, that have just enough drawers, tiny gardens to weed, small piles of wood to stack, and  edited, well thought out closets. Can you almost see the smitten smile I'm wearing? O.K. and maybe a nice big studio next to it would be pretty dreamy too. Some other folks thinking and talking about it-


  1. In a church? OMG!
    The last house freaks me out - I'd never, ever, ever live there, too transparent, see-through, scary!

  2. I realize this post is two years old. This red & green house is ADORABLE. Do you have any pictures of the inside OR when it may be located? Thanks, Joyce My email address is