Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Cool Parents

I couldn't say this as a teenager, but I can now, my parents are pretty cool. Not giving away too much info, they're in their mid to late 70's and have a wonderful adventurous spirit. A good example of this is their latest investment in one of these cute little tear drop campers.  Always camping enthusiasts, they bought a "little guy" built by the Amish.  It may be hard for them to top the back to nature trips they took my 3 sisters and I on in the woods of Maine in the late 60's with that green leaky canvas tent. The uncool, teen angst filled trips make us middle aged sisters smile now. Here are some other examples of the tear drop found on VW Camper Van blog

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  1. Hhhahahhahaaa yes your parents are indeed cool. We can only imagine the fun they have in their tear drop camper. Good for them. They took you 4 all over the place for adventures. I'm also one of 4 girls and we had an adventurous childhood too. It's taken me decades to realise that nobody else I have met had anything like the exposure to adventure and the natural world. Love them to bits xxx