Friday, February 18, 2011

Ingredients for Great Blogs

My friend Arley-Rose Torsonne has just started to blog. I've posted about Arley-Rose and her sweetheart Morgan, a power couple I have a talent crush on, a few times. Arley's paid me a nice complement (took me by surprise) that she thought I had a very good handle on the blogging thing. I started to assess what works and doesn't work with my blog, how I can improve it, and what are the ingredients that make a great one. And PLEASE I would love any comments or recommendations at any time that will make colorgirl more enjoyable, informative or dear to you. This is kind of 101 stuff but hey a good reminder, too. Here's my list of ingredients-
OH I GET IT- I want to know right away what this writer is passionate about and who they want to hang out with. Description of who they are is a big tip off. If they were a club what would the name be on the door? Some clubs are more defined then others. No Girls Allowed, The Fisherman's Association or for a broader gathering and my favorite little dive in town The Westport Social Club. And if you're about selling don't be sneaky, get it out there right away. Two great examples of this is Lari Washburns artistswhoblog and Grace with designsponge.
TRANSPARENCY- This one can be tricking and we each have our own threshold of public exposure. But to build a friendship, connection which is what I'm after, a certain level of "hey this is who I am" has to be there. The extreme example of this- the queen of TMI, Heather Armstrong's theduce
AUTO-DIDACTIC- I'm a person who's cobbled an education together. Some part time art school, night classes, absorbing good design by looking at the best, just figuring out what works and doesn't. I appreciate a good search for truth and knowledge on my own terms. The best bloggers are sponges. Out there, and I mean often away from their computers engaging, doing what they love, as well as following leads on the web. Elsa Mora's elsita is one of my favorites for this.
GOOD EDITING- not too much blah blah blah Seth Godin. He's my touchstone for the quick hit, to get me back on track for both my business and my blog. I have preached the gospel of Seth to so many patient friends and clients. He doesn't pussy foot around so be prepared to cry a little. Seth Godin
PLEASE NO BUTT UGLY- Rather than get into the bad examples- a couple of hints... templates do work, stay away from the too muchies- too much color, type variations, backgrounds. Lot a eye assault happening out there. Give us all a break with less is- you know.
4 FOR YOU +1 FOR ME- We all know we start to blog to get the word out about me, me, me. But it's also a lot about finding our peeps and getting the word out about them. Share great how-tos, get some movement going to a new star on flickr, show the world your wish list on etsy. And yes tell us what you're up to. Anna's is a good one to study and she's very generous- annekata
WE'RE IN THE ROOM TOGETHER- Because I'm a digital immigrant, I need to make most of the digital world into metaphor. And a good blog to me should have a tone of not being talked at, but with. I virtually get to have coffee or hang out after work with someone I greatly admire, am not intimated by and I feel wants to listen to what I have to say. A seeker rather than a soapbox barker. Always had a talent crush on one of the masters in my industry, Ernie Schenck. And funny thing, the first person who informed me of what blogging was in the first place. Check him out here.


  1. glad to know i'm not alone with my talent crushes -- why do you think i've been stalking your blog ever since that aha show of yours i caught? loving lari washburn too --

    and if arley and morgan were marrying on the cape i know just the guys to do their flowers...

    this post has also inspired me to revisit/reconsider my blog which has been lolligagging for some time now --