Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Friend Janice Floats

Janice Kelly, a friend who combines wit, taste and charm like no one I've ever met, has just launched a wonderful business that will make you smile. She designs and installs giggley giant balloon sculptures. Dale Chihuly with a really big smirk. To see more of her designs and to contact her go here.


  1. these are awesome!! I LOVE DALE CHIHULY!! and your friend's sculptures?


  2. These are awesome. I went to the site and just LOVE the Structures and Orbs. How cool would that be to come upon one of those by accident?

    Recently I went on a hot air balloon ride. When we landed the land crew couldn't find the farmer who owned the land we ended up on, so we parked close to the road and brought the balloon down in the grassy ditch next to the road. It went over the road at one point, stopping a van for a minute. At first I worried that they might be upset, but they waited very patiently and waved when they passed. I remembered how excited I have been to see hot air balloons myself, so even though we were inconveniencing them it was probably still pretty exciting.
    One can't help but be happy around balloons :)

  3. oh. oh. oh. I'd like one every morning, floating by my window, thank you very much.