Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slice of Baby Boo, Wee-Be-Little, or Red Warty Pie

Paul and I got to produce and shoot a video recently for an ad agency in Providence, Duffy and Shanley. The asked us to create a fall feast in a 100 year old structure, Smith Barn in Peabody, MA. 50 paper lanterns hung above a thirty foot long table. For me it was one long blank canvas and I had a ball. Pumpkin and ghord shopping was at the top of my list. I visited my friends at Walker Farm stand in Tiverton and Andrew Orr in Westport. The colors, warts, grooves, bumps, and roly poly bums of these funny veggies made me grin. Here are a few examples of the beauties I brought home.
Thank you Haunted Bay for the great pumpkin and ghord education.
From the top left- Jarrahdale, We Be Little, Howden, Long Island Cheese,
Baby Boo, Cinderella, Cross-Polinated, One Too Many, Pump Ke Mon
Zucca Rotondo, Red Hubbard, and Grey Hubbard.

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