Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8.3.10 Color Swatch

kraft paper brown
haven't i seen you before?
on the back of a cereal box, maybe?
you are humble as can be but
you have snuck up on us, haven't you.
slipped in the back door of our
never green enough guilty conscience.
i've seen the towering temples
you've masterminded for yourself
at holy foods,
lining the shelves and end caps
with the collected DNA
of every scrap of fiber
that's come before you.
but i like you anyway
you are as comfortable as a
molasses cookie
and as crafty
as they come.
-Alyn Carlson

photo from madame alyn's bin 
great news- RI Monthly magazine just gave my hats 
a "Best of RI"award in the shopping category.

1 comment:

  1. A perfect hommage to kraft brown. It's amazing how it does assuage our guilt.