Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Really Like Walter Feldman

As many of you know I get a little wobbly before a show. I think it's just what we get for wiring as artists. If we're sensitive to all the beauty around us why wouldn't we be sensitive to the criticism? I find showing and talking about my work to some trusted people just before, really helps. Gets me ready to let the work go and finally stand on my feet. I made a trip to the Little Compton studio of artist Walter Feldman this week and shared my work. I met Walter a few years ago because I sat across from him at a restaurant that has 10 of my collages on their walls. He asked the waitress who's work it was... he really liked it. We started talking and he told me he did a little painting, too and gave me his number if I wanted to get together. Walter is a charming 85 who has a lovely wife Barbara. When I came home and casually mentioned the encounter to Paul he nearly fell off his chair. "Walter Feldman likes your work? Sweetie this is great!" "Who's Walter Feldman?" I asked. Here and here are links to his work. A little intimidated to say the least, I brought my pile to him on Monday and with in minutes felt inspired rather than intimidated. He knew immediately which works were tied to my heart and which weren't. And how to tweek the ones that weren't quite singing yet. I felt so lucky to have this time with him. Some how we got around to this blog and the friends I'm finding on it and he asked "What is a blog, anyway and do you think I need a website?" So guess who get's to do a little payback and bringing Walter up to speed on this blogging thing?


  1. I love it! What a great post. His work is sublime.

  2. This is such a fabulous story, Alyn. Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration and artistic symbiosis.

  3. So lovely! The piece you posted reminded me very much of a Block Island (seasonal) artist in the same generation named John Urbain.