Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I think women (and men) like to photograph their feet

Nothing like the first time in spring when those pretty toes get to be exposed to sun and grass and soil. Gotta get the boots, the shoes, the socks off ASAP. thank you flickr pals- No.1- Benedyct Antifer, No. 2 Edri Ana, No. 3 Kate_Elizabeth,  No. 4 Psycherika, No. 5 Robarye, No. 6 Owlbookdreams, No. 7 jamelah, and the last is from kadiwow.


  1. hummm you are wrong regarding me :p

    Benedyct here is a man ^^

  2. I have a photo of my feet on vacation in New Hampshire somewhere.

    These are great.

  3. benedyct please forgive me. of course those are manly toes. i'm happy men know the joy of taking pics of toes in the grass too.