Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4.13.10 Color Swatch

The Virgo's Whole Enchilada

on christmas mornings and forever 
it was my crayolas,
little soldiers perky at attention for my commands
at eight came the perfectly aligned prismacolors
sliding softly, silently through pulpy surfaces
age eleven brought, oh gosh bob ross, opening his full spectrum kimona to me,
then at fourteen, with one eye open, 
i painted it was the first with father's cast off windsor newtons
but six years later it was the color aid swatches that cracked me wide open
spinning me twirling me dissolving me
till i came to rest beside the sleek metal cases
of aqua monolith cretacolors, derwents,
and oh caran d'ache, oh caran d'ache
each in perfect prismatic order vibrating against each other.
just for me.

Art by Jenn Stark to see more go here.

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