Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3.9.10 Color Swatch

W A R M  G R E Y  4 U
A sigh in Maine grey. Gray Maine. The morning dove at the end of the arborvitae hedge. Small throat clearing at a funeral. Grey that will make every other hue sit nice and true to itself. Hummmmmmmmmm grey. My squishy kneaded eraser grey. Absorbing grey.  Gray woods. Dorian Gray seeing his black soul. Grey's Anatomy, yes thank you. Grey hair, no thank you. Uniform grey. Yellow + Purple = Grey. Help, Grey Day! Grey Day! Gray for the Brits. Grey for the Yanks. Smartypants grey matter. Grey Gardens. Grey area. NY Times, the grey lady. Words becoming rivers of grey.


  1. Ah yes, Grey. I love the way Grey can take a loud boisterous color like Red, or Lime Green, or Fushia and tone it down - much the same way a person with a calm centered persona can calm down the cahos and cacophony of the city. My favorite days are grey, rainy mornings - a time to sit with a hot cup of coffee in hand and gaze out the window and....