Friday, March 5, 2010

I Love Mary Ann Wakeley's Paintings

Flickr has put me in touch with some some pretty incredible talents and Mary Ann Wakeley is one of them. She makes me want to paint. Bad. Her work is juicy and spiritual and sensual. Lifts me and makes me want to go for walks. The breif emails we're had back and forth in the last few months, show me she's just as beautiful on the inside. She's from Philly and runs a blog and the newly opened Three Ravens Gallery. Mary Ann is an autodidactic, just like me, which inspires me greatly. Check her out. I won't be surprised if you become as smitten as I am. 

Here's Mary Ann's take on a set of questions I sent her recently-
Can you tell me about your latest body of work?  My most recent work seems to have a message in it, and when I pay attention to the message, the work is effortless, coming together with ease. The messages have varied but as I mentioned in a recent blog post, connections are a strong theme; how am I connected to the world around me, connections to unseen worlds, where feelings and questions about higher levels of being come from and what is the message in those feeling and questions. In quiet conversation with myself, the answer comes out in a painting. The creative act is a dialogue with my higher self.

What inspires you the most lately? I am most inspired by music. I listen to an eclectic mix. Lately it has been Beck, Claire Voyant, Shmuel Noyfeld, Vib Gyor, Tori Amos (of course!)

What was your first memory?
I really have no recollection!!

Can you describe the best thing you saw on your last walk?
The early morning sun coming through the still barren winter trees, glimmering on the creek where I walk and run.

What are five things that would happen in the perfect day of work for you?
Truly i only need one thing and that is to let what needs to come of me come out in the most beautiful, harmonious way that it needs to without force. The rest of the day takes care of itself.

Can you describe the best pair of shoes you've ever owned?
This might be the hardest question because I am a shoe horse and my collection is as eclectic as everything else about me. Right now I am really happy with a pair of black Tod's driving loafers that look cool but are really comfortable. they have to be comfortable!

What are you doing this weekend? (March 6-7)
The 6th I'll be at the gallery, and the 7th I will most likely run errands and relax with my family in between. My weekends are pretty dull by most people's standards; i am a homebody :-)

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  1. I too love MA's work, this is a wonderful little glimpse into the 'whys and wherefores' of the person and process behind the beauty...

    And long live Flickr, the great connector of creative, artistic talents worldwide! :)