Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Artist Trading Card Night

I'm starting to organize another artist trading card night for Providence the end of March. If you missed the one we did last year here's your chance to connect with a group of wonderful, diverse artists. There were about 40 of us last year that spent 2 hours trading original pieces of art measuring 2.5" x 3.5" The range of styles and mediums were incredible. Tiny photos, sculptures, die cuts, collage, stamped, stiched, cartoons, paintings and everything in between. Our youngest artist was 5 and I'm guesing we had some folks in their 70's there. Visual artists tend to not socialize much out side of openings so this was a pressure free way to get to know a lot of local artists and get beyond small talk. Everyone had there own mini show going. There's no money exchanged, just ideas, emails and little teeny masterpieces. I'm hoping we can get some writers involved this year. trading mini novelas, plays, or sonnets. I'm working on a date and location now. But March 31, downtown Providence, a childrens' trade starting at 6 and adults at 7:30.  So get out those tiny canvases and stay posted for the info blast soon.

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  1. such a great idea to do a trade live! If I was nearby I'd want to come and participate!!