Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kismet Design

"Trafford. Not exactly a surf and turf place"
-my friend, Charlie Gerrior after seeing the logo and interior concepts.

Sometimes, mostly daily, I do a little entry into a gratitude journal. One of those itty bitty moleskins, writing with my bright yellow fountain pen. Helps me stay away from spiraling downward. Today I listed the clients I have right now. ALL of them. A few years ago I swore off clients that didn't get me and the funny thing is, it worked. I've miraculously attracted folks who love my work, advice and let me do work I'm proud of and find creatively rewarding. The Kane family has made the gratitude list more than a few times. They own a very popular, small restaurant in Westport, Marguerittes, where there is a line consistently out the door on weekends and all of the family pitches in. The food is flavorful, made from stuff pulled from the earth locally and recently. Oh and they all have beautiful smiles they flash frequently. Hired a few years ago to design a new interior, menu and make some art for the walls, I sighed and whispered "pinch me" Now I get to do it again. This time son, Trafford, is getting his own place with sister Heather and his parents in and out to help keep it running smoothly. While doing naming and logo development, I did some research and found Trafford's name actually means where the water meets the street. Kismet because Trafford's will reside on Water Street in Warren RI, surrounded by water on 3 sides, upstairs and down. I'm  pulling in some RI artist talent and combing my usual flea market and junk stores for the nifties that will make the place fun and hopefully visually, as delightful as the food. The work is in the nice evolving conceptual stage. Everything is possible, even loving my clients.

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  1. Do you know when they're opening, Alyn? Can't wait to see your artistic sensibility there! (P.S. I made a vision board for the new year and I used a pic of your house on it from RI Monthly. I am going to manifest a fabulous, creative homestead like yours someday! xo)